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 Our wooden weapons have been developed over a period of years to remain one of the most cost effective, high quality selections on the market today. The only choice you now need to make is which wooden weapon

  Wooden Red Oak Kama           Wooden Red Oak Round Tonfa          Wooden Red Oak Shoto

            £15.00                                      £17.00                                             £8.00

  Wooden Red Oak Square                               Wooden Tanto                                     Tapered Jo Staff

           Tonfa 20"                                                          £6.50                                                        £21.00


  Bamboo Shinai With Tsuba                Black Oak 3 Sectional Staff                          Black Oak Bokken

                £35.50                                                   £27.00                                                        £13.50

  Deluxe Burned Escrima Stick               Night Stick                                Ninja Bokken

            £10.00                                         £10.00                                      £10.00

        Red Oak Bokken                      Rattan Escrima Stick                       Suburi Bokken

            £12.50                                      £10.00                                          £15.50

          Red Oak Jo Staff                    Tiger Cane Escrima Stick           Wooden Black Oak Round Tonfa

            £15.50                                      £10.00                                      £18.00




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Wood Weapons