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 Perform your patterns, katas, applications and much more with full speed, power and technique, without the fear of injury. Foam weapons can also be used by younger masters, until they reach an age of proficiency.

            Foam Bo                                   Foam Bokken                                  Foam Jo

                £16.50                                      £15.00                                              £14.00

            Foam Shoto                                          Foam Tonfa                                          Foam Escrima

                £16.00                                      £17.00                                      £10.00  

            Black Foam Safety Ball              Black Foam Safety Cord             Black / Blue Foam Safety

            Bearing Nunchaku 12''                Nunchaku 12"                            Ball Bearing Nunchaku 12"

                    £8.00                                        £6.50                                        £8.00




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Foam Weapons