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 Before a grading date is announced all students that have been attending classes on a regular basis will have been taught the syllabus for their next belt. In some of the lessons the students would have the opportunity to demonstrate that they know the required techniques for their next belt and from these assessments a grading date would be planned.

The preliminary requirements of a grading is that the student has a membership that is still in date, they have the club badge and they are aware of all the techniques that are required. And any monies owing paid before the grading.

On the day/evening of the grading, students are required to wear a clean, ironed white suit (with the club badge on the left breast) and the student’s current grade worn.

Understandably junior students will be nervous so the class will start as usual and will not always be as strict as normal grading requirements. Two students will be assessed at a time whilst the other students will be required to practice their required techniques before they are called.

Whilst the student is being assessed if they should become confused, then the technique is demonstrated, but at a fast speed, as this is not meant to teach the students but to refresh.

Once the pair of students have been assessed they can either have a rest or asked to practice other techniques until all students have been assessed.

Then at the end of the lesson, the successful students are called out, one by one to receive their new grade which the instructor places around their waist.




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