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    The Children’s grading structure is different from the Adults in that the Children have each coloured grade broken down into smaller parts so it makes learning the individual parts easier and quicker. In this way the child can be awarded their next belt in a short space of time so that they don’t become frustrated in trying to learn a large amount of techniques all at once. This also helps the parents to recognize the effort and to acknowledge that their child is doing well.

The additional grades are usually shown as a striped belts or red strips on a belt

Fishermead Ju Jitsu Class uses the following ,

Red Belt – This is the first belt that everyone starts off with to show that they are beginners.

White with Red stripe – this is usually used if the child is very Young.

White Belt

White Belt with Yellow stripe                                                                                        

Yellow Belt                                                                                                            

Yellow Belt with White stripee stripe                                                                    

Yellow Belt  Orange stripe                                                                          

Orange Belt                                                

Orange with White stripetripe                                                                              

Green Belt                                                                                                            

Blue Belt                                                                                                                                    

Purple Belt with White stripeipe                    

Purple Belt                                                                                                                                      

Brown Belt with White stripeWhite stripe             

Brown Belt



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Children's Syllabus