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 IaiJutsu is the art of drawing and cutting with a sword, The art is pratised in kata form with a sword. Various cuts are made throughout the Kata's, but the first thing students are taught is how to draw and shealth the blade so that they do minimal damage to themselves and the saya.

We have at least Seven kneeling kata's and Eight Standing kata's that are taught for the higher Ju Jitsu grades and then we have other kata's to be taught to the students who attend the sword class, and these are as follows;

Suwari katana no kata

A. Suwari ich no kata.

B. Suwari ni no kata

C. Suwari san no kata

D. Suwari yon no kata.

E. Mae suwari kata.

F. Hidari suwari kata

G. Migi suwari kata

Tachi katana no kata.

A. Tachi no kata ich.

B. Tachi no kata ni.

C. Tachi no kata san

D. Tachi no kata yon.

E. Tachi no kata go

F. Tachi no kata roku

G. Tachi no kata nana

H. Tachi no kata kyuu




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The Art of IaiJitsu