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Ju Jitsu for children is an excellent way for them to develop mentally and physically, giving them the life skills that they will require in later years.  We know that your child is the most precious thing to you; hence we take great pride is knowing that your child is being taught safely and competently by our Instructors.  They have not only reached a very high Dan grade in both Ju Jitsu and Kobujitsu but have over 10 years experience teaching children.  All our instructors are trained in First aid and enhanced CRB checks have been successfully done.

Attributes that a child can take from Learning Ju jitsu as taught by us are,

Physical Education – With regular attendance your child will become fitter, stronger and mentally prepared through the gentle warm upand the constant practice.  They will achieve a greater understanding of how their body works.


Confidence Building – With constant practice they will become more confident in themselves with the repetition of simple to learn techniques and drills.  By practicing with others and progressing through the grading structure, their insecurities will disappear and this will show itself both in and outside the training hall.

                                                Social awareness- Being able to interact with children of all                                       ages and making new friends both inside and outside of school

Self Control- In time practicing various drills can improve both patience and their attention span, which will also help at school to achieve good results.  As they get older they will also become calmer as they will understand that offence is not always the best defense.

Respect for others- through the constant practice of Ju Jitsu, your child will learn to respect others as they are working with each other and this can produce lifelong friendships.  They also learn that the children they participate with are trying to help them practice and learn Ju jitsu and not trying to harm or control them.




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