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 XTreme Urban Concepts are happy to supply membership for clubs or individuals

 For Club memberships please email for further details.

 For Individual membership to XTreme Urban Concepts

By completing the Membership form given out by the instructor and on receipt of your first yearly payment you will receive a passbook with the Ronin Ryu Federation wave symbol on it. The booklet has pages for the junior grades, senior grades, courses and pass marks from each grading taken. The back of the pass should be stamped with a date stating when the insurance starts and finishes, the insurance cover is for one year. Those that only do the self protection will get a laminated card with their details and the expiry date of when the card runs out, again the insurance cover is for one year only and is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that renewals are on time.

The cost is as follows

New junior members £35.00

Renewal price for a junior is £28.00

New senior member £35.00

Renewal price for a senior is £28.00



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