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The art of Ju Jitsu as taught by Xtreme Urban Concepts in milton keynes can be taught to anyone, young, old, male or female, it does not matter, the art takes the individual as they are and encourages the student to use their bodies in a natural way. You are not required to be able to do 100 press-ups or the splits, most people who need self defence, need to be able to use it NOW if the need arise and not have to wait until they are stronger or more flexible. They may not have the time or energy if slightly older to go through exercise routes every day to achieve the splits.

A Ju Jitsu class is structured so that the students are warmed up gently and then the moves within Ju Jitsu keeps the body moving so there is no reason for a long warm up or a long cool down.

The beauty of Ju jitsu is that it allows an adult the choice of how severe their counter will be to an attack. Whereas other martial arts may not have this choice and the response is the same whether it’s a friend who is drunk or someone attacking with a weapon.

Ju Jitsu has an ongoing syllabus from white to black and beyond which gets progressively challenging higher up the grading system. Some martial arts require you to spend some time before you can make the first technique work, but with Ju Jitsu the techniques or ideas that are taught within the first few lesson will be able to work should the need arise.

But make no mistake Ju Jitsu is a complex art and if a student wants to obtain their black belt within a year then this is not the art for them. However if they wish to study and learn progressively over a number of years then they will not be disappointed with the rewards and benefits achieved both mentally and physically.




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