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   The Military leader (Shogun) of Japan around the 1600 century forbid all people other than the samurai from owing a sword so mainly the farming and fishing communities of various areas within Japan began to adapt every day tools that they used into weapons. With these weapons they were able to protect themselves against troublemakers, bandits and other samurai and thus the art of Kobujitsu was born.

Kobujitsu is now referred to as the art of using traditional Japanese weapons for the purpose of self defence, we now use kata's to learn the movements of the weapons and then we can use the weapons in realistic situations.

You may ask, "what purpose is there to learn traditional weapons", the purpose of this art is to learn how to move and use articles that can help in your protection. The weapons of the Kobujitsu syllabus were all once every day articles that the average person would use, the only exception to this is the sword that was used by the samurai.

But now we see items being used by the law enforcement agencies that are traditional weapons from Japan, they have just been adapted to make things easier for the person using them. The weapons that come to mind are the nightstick (baton or truncheon) and the tonfa.

The weapons that we teach are,

Tonfa, Sai, Bo,

Nunchuku, Yawara Bo, Jo,

Handbo, Kama, Sword.

Before we start any weapon class all weapons must be checked for cracks, splinters, rust and any parts that maybe loose. This is for the safety of yourself and your partner, which we believe is the most important thing.




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About the Art of Kobujitsu