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 KenJutsu is the art of using the sword to fight with, this can mean once it is drawn and also before it is drawn. Again most of this section is kata only but you can use bokken against bokken or against other weapons. Care must be taken when sparring against another weapon and target area is not limited.

Ken-jutsu no waza.

Ryote Kote Gatame Ichi

Katate Hidari Kote Gatame

Tori Batto Ichi.

Katate Migi Kote Gatame Ichi

Tori Batto Ni.

Teki Batto Tori Gatame.

Katate Migi Kote Gatame

Katate Tsuka GatameKatate Migi Kote Gatame San

Ryote Kote Gatame Ni

Ichi Shomen uchi

Ni shomen uchi.

San shomen uchi

Yon shomen uchi

Koshi Giri

Yokomen uchi


Ichi Yoho Giri

Ni Yoho Giri

Kote Giri



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The Art of KenJitsu