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    The art of Ju jitsu is the ultimate art in self defence it was taught to elite forces around the world. Ju jitsu is not a mixture of martial arts strung together from cross training, it is a complete martial art and arts like Judo, Karate and Aikido actually came from Ju jitsu. The art of ju jitsu has continued to evolve through the years so the art can deal with modern realistic attacks due to the flexibility of the art.

Ju Jitsu uses striking techniques not just to injure the other party, as other martial arts do, but to set the person up for a control or throw to be used.

Different types of throws are also used to either take the person to the floor or throw them in such a way that they will be damaged from the effects of the throw. Then we have restraints and controls, which can be, used either standing or on the ground, these include joint locks, strangles and hold downs.

Then the art also has a traditional weapon side, because the art can be used either unarmed or armed for the offence or defence of the individual.

Within our curriculum we do multiply attacks standing, on the ground or both (if you fall or you are taken to the floor). We also do ground fighting and groundwork, the difference being one is using strikes whilst on the floor where the latter is trying to make a person submit. Defences against continual attacks with weapons whilst standing or whilst on the ground.




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About the Art of Ju Jitsu