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 What is the minimum age: The minimum age is 7 years old, any younger than this and the child will have a short attention span and will not want to engage with other children properly, this would also take a lot of the instructors time up so that other children would not be equally treated. If a child is nearly 7(within a couple of months) then the instructor may allow the child to participate and access their hand and eye co-ordination and also their behavior within the group.

Am I too old to participate: You are never too old to learn something new, the art will not only keep you physically active but also mentally active as well. But always consult a Doctor before you begin any strenuous activity or exercise.

Do I need to be fit to participate: Students that train with us don’t have to be able to do 100 press-ups or do the splits, as the techniques or drills don’t require this exceptional fitness. The art of Ju Jitsu as taught by us is based on movement rather than meeting force with force and in the participation of the art the individual will become fitted. The warm up exercises at the beginning of a lesson prepare the body and mind before training. But again if you have not done any exercises in the past consult a Doctor before you participate.

Do you have long warm ups and cool downs: The warm ups that we do before a class maybe about 5 or 10 minutes to engage a few of the muscles that you will be using during a class and also to relax the body and mind. We don’t have a cool down period as the drills and exercises through the lesson will allow the body to cool down naturally.

What do I need to wear: To begin with you can wear anything that is loose and comfortable and you don’t mind the item being pulled for both Ju Jitsu and Self Protection lessons. If you are participating in Ju Jitsu eventually you would require a suit which can be purchased through the instructor and training is done bare footed.

When do I need a suit: A suit can be purchased anytime, usually it is best to have a suit before you take the first grading – Suits can be purchased through your instructor but do not include a belt. The belt colour for a beginner is Red.

When do I need to pay for a membership: Membership/Insurance is required after the first two sessions, this gives the individual time to decide if the training is for them or to see if a child enjoys the training. Membership is renewable on the anniversary of the first day that the individual started training.

Are there any other classes: At the moment we do only have two venues available, but if there is enough interest in another night or in another area…

I am a black belt and I wish to open class under the same group: If the art that you have a dan grade is Ju Jitsu or Kobujitsu then your grade with carry across, please send me an email. If your grade is within another martial art, you would need to attend training sessions so you know what we teach and what we do and again please send me an email.

I train in another martial art would I be able to attend courses : Yes all martial artists are welcome to share the information and just as you will learn something new so will we.

Are you available to teach at my club or course: Yes this can be arranged, if you could give plenty of notice there would be more of a chance of attending. I have taught at many courses throughout the country to adults, children and high grade black belts in Ju Jitsu and Kobujitsu

Do you teach privately: Private lessons can be arranged for individuals or groups.




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