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Demo for the 7th June

                        1) Breakfalls - Just rolling and side Breakfalls

                        2) May do striking to the body warm up - get rid of nerves

                        3) Start with blocking practise S, Cross and outside againt 1 strike and then 2

                        4) then adding locks to the counter attacks


                                    i) shoulder arm lock

                                    ii) straight Arm Lock

                                    iii) shoulder Lock

                                    iv) shoulder and wrist lock

                        5) Adding take downs and throws

                                    i) hip throw

                                    ii) Body drop

                                    iii) outside hock

                                    iV) inside hock

                        6) Escapes from various grabs and pushes

                        7) Kicks whilst on the floor( yellow belt)

                        8) Kicks with Throws - Peter

                        9) Stick and bottle attacks( yellow belt)

                        10) Movement drill


                        May also include some Pad work




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