First Dan (Shodan) syllabus, this grade is to test the student on the basic techniques of throwing, striking and restraining. Within this grade the student starts to learn that things can be countered if not done correctly or faced with an attacker who may also know some martial art skills. Many people think that you are an expert once you have taken your first Dan, this could not be further from the truth, all the 1st Dan proves is that you know all the basics and now you are ready to start learning the art.

1. A minimum of twenty-five throws with any hold-downs.

2. Counters to certain throws with hold-downs.

3. Inside leg sweep with hold down.

4. Seven combinations throws with hold-downs.

5. Three punches to the body, face and body again against a lunge punch attack.

6. The blocks kata

7. One-handed throat throw.

8. Attacking the ears and eyes.

9. Using the ‘x’ block to stop and counter a punching attack.

10. Three punches to three different people.

11. Palm heel block with counter attack from.

12. Defences against a sparring attacker.

13. The open hand and its uses.

14. The elbow when used in close fighting.

15. The bottom fist and its uses.

16. Defences against kicks.

17. Revision of white to brown.

18. General anatomy paper.

19. Write an essay on a given subject.